Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW and Royal Enfield at mono motorcycles


January 2024 has been the busiest January on record for us and we are buzzing!

Here are just a few of the motorcycles we have welcomed through our doors this past fortnight.

WC 22.01.2024

Honda Transalp.

A few of our extended projects have now been completed or are coming to completion.

One of the projects is the Honda Transalp. Our customer inherited the Transalp after a friend passed away. The Transalp had stopped running while the original owner was still alive and since his passing a collection of well wishing friends had tried to get the bike running.

When the bike arrived with us it was completely naked and in a very deep sleep.

Never to be out done, Daniel was determined to get to the bottom of her non-start.

With TEXA not being able to communicate with the bike at all, ECU and Key combinations being swapped, a new wiring loom being added, new dash, the fault kept him guessing. Max even brought his Transalp in and him and Daniel spent an evening swapping parts, but still the Transalp wasn’t having any of it.

Eventually a small piece of wiring loom from the injection loom was found to have a broken wire at the cam sensor wire. This small section of loom was then replaced.

Finally with all of the new parts in place and the signals all finally getting to the right place, the Transalp fired up and started talking to us.

The bike has since had a new chain/sprockets, the fork seals needed replacing and we have put an MOT on the bike. The panels were fitted and polished, and the bike is now ready to join her eager owner.

Here at mono motorcycles we completely understand the emotional attachment our customers have with their motorcycles. To some a motorcycle is just a mode of transport. To others it can be their only mode of transport and therefore a lifeline to the world. And to some a motorcycle can be a part of who they are, a part of their story and their journey and we completely respect that.

Yamaha MT 125

On Monday 22.01.24 we welcomed a Yamaha MT 125 to the workshop for a service and to assess a fuse blowing linked to after market indicators. We weren’t aware at the time was that the bike had been outside for four months and not been ridden. The bike was therefore a non-start at receipt.

Upon inspection the reason the fuse kept on blowing was that the rear indicator was full of water.

When the bike had had its battery recharged it was attempted to get it started. It wasn’t playing. Therefore, Oaklie fired one of the injectors into a cup and the milky liquid which came out of it was a clear indicator that there was water in the tank.

We contacted our customer and advised him of our findings and that the bike needed a new chain/sprockets, the front brake switch was inoperable, the rear indicators needed replacing and the fuse and that the tyres were on the limit. We explained about the suspected water in the tank and that we would need to drain it to get the bike running again. The customer authorised all of the required procedures.

We had to wait for parts until today and when we got the tank open we found at least an inch of water in the bottom.

This was drained out and the system flushed with fresh fuel.

With all of the other parts fitted, a service and some new shoes, the MT has been brought back to life for our customer.

This is another example of how sometimes a motorcycle can be received with one expected fault, but it can be hiding others and subsequently spend a little more time with us than initially expected.

Honda CB1100RS and Kawasaki Versys 650

We have welcomed quite a few yellow bikes to the workshop, which always brighten things up a bit.

We welcomed back the Kawasaki Versys 650 for heated grips and new handguards. We also welcomed a gorgeous Honda CB1100RS for pre-sales checks, another great sale for DJK Motorcycles. We also welcomed a Ducati Scrambler for a new rear tyre.

WC 29.01.2024

BMW K75 – motogadget wiring

This week Daniel has been concentrating on the motogadget wiring for the BMW K75.

When the K75 arrived last October (2023) it had a running fault and was a non-start. Under investigation it was found that the starter had failed but more importantly so had the head gasket. The bike has since undergone some considerable head repairs and a new starter and now the bike is a running bike, we can now start the wiring.

Daniel starts the process by removing the unwanted wires from the wiring loom. The loom you can see in the photographs is the amount of wiring Daniel removed from the K75 to be replaced with the very robust but minimalistic motogadget system.

Note: The injection and ignition wiring must be retained to run the bike.

The main wiring loom was created and temporarily laid in place and the majority of the connections were then made through the motogadget m.unit. Once everything was connected and the wiring laid in place for accuracy, then came the task of connecting it all up, braiding and heatshrinking the loom to protect it.

The K75 needed new handlebars as the old set up meant they were hitting the tank. Once the new bars and master cylinder arrived, the new momentary push switches were installed. The momentary push switches replace the switchgear. The system you can see in the photographs are the motogadget mo.switch pro.

The momentary push switches control:

  1. Lights
  2. Dash
  3. Left Indicator
  4. Right Indicator
  5. Start/Kill
  6. Horn

Note: These momentary push switches will only work with the motogadget m.unit.

The wiring for the momentary push switches is discreetly hidden inside the handlebars.

As we go to press the K75 is in the final stages of the motogadget installation.

For more information about the motogadget system, please head over to our website

If you have a customer project and you are interested in the motogadget system for your project, please contact us via email in the first instance giving us as much information about your project as is possible

Honda VFR Crossrunner

This week we also welcomed a Honda VFR Crossrunner to the workshop for replacement front wheel bearing. When the bike arrived, the customer asked if we could have a look at a strange noise coming from under the tank. Since the customer had had the bike serviced at another establishment, whenever he switched the bike off it sounded like it sighed. Therefore, we took a look.

The pipe you can see in the photograph is what vents the fuel vapour into a charcoal chamber which vacuums the vapour into. The grey pipe is meant to be attached to the white pipe behind it to allow this to happen. It isn’t attached. The previous establishment had left it off meaning every time the customer switched the bike off, it tried to vent/vacuum but nothing was attached, therefore ‘sighing’

It has now been attached correctly.

Royal Enfield Hunter

On Friday this week we welcomed a 73 plate Royal Enfield Hunter 350 for heated grips.

Remember, we can complete service and repairs to bikes still under warranty. If use genuine parts, it does not affect the warranty.

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