Happy New Year and welcome to 2024 with mono motorcycles


Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2024!

The big news to start our year is that we are looking to expand the mono motorcycles team and are seeking an experienced and skilled Motorcycle Technician to join us.


Are you an experienced and skilled Motorcycle Technician looking for your next challenge? Do you thrive in a varied workshop where no two weeks are the same? Do you have a passion for motorcycles and the motorcycling lifestyle? Do you have excellent communication skills? Then we’d like to hear from you.

Please find a full job description either at BikeJobs Motorcycle Recruitment or on our website.

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mono motorcycles website https://monomotorcycles.co.uk/recruitment/

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Welcome back everyone and welcome to mono motorcycles 2024.

We started 2024 with quite a few positives.

The Honda Transalp which came in naked, not running and having had many previous hands ‘fault finding’ is now back together and running. Really pleased for our customer who believed in us all the way.

The BMW K75 which joined us a while ago for a motogadget rewire and then needed an engine strip down, is now running. Now we can re-book the K75 for the all important motogadget rewire.

We welcomed back the Triumph Speed Triple for preparation for bar risers. The cables all need extending so we need to measure, order then put back together with the risers in place.

We also welcomed a truly unique Ducati SS 750 Custom to the workshop. The SS had been customised and had the majority of a motogadget system installed. The bike joined us as a non-start.


We have been working with a customer and her Honda CB450 since it was purchased in 2022. The bike always had some running issues form the moment our customer purchased it and based on the black smoke and constant oiling up of the plugs, we did advise that it would need an engine strip at some point to assess what was going on in there.

Wednesday was D-day for the Honda CB450 and the bike was completely stripped down and the top end was taken apart.

It looks like the engine has been rebuilt at some point (due to being sat for a long time) and the barrels have some deep scratches which looks like someone has tried to hone it out. Now we have to send it off for a rebore, before fitting new pistons, valve guides and seals.


mono motorcycles are well known for their motorcycle wiring specialism. Alongside the array of service and repair options we undertake, we do see motorcycles from all over the country join us for motorcycle electrical fault finding, diagnostics and motogadget wiring.

This week has seen the start of a two-month journey into the electrical world with three full re-wires already booked in from now through February.

This week we have focussed on the wiring on the Honda 125 Custom and the Ducati SS Custom.

The Honda Custom joined us with a charging fault. Under investigation Daniel found that a lot of the wiring had been bundled up under the seat, with connectors unplugged and other electrical components shorting out.

Having now replaced the regulator rectifier and tidied up the wiring to make it safe, we are now also ordering a stator as the replacement reg/rec did not fully resolve the charging fault. as this was the source of the charging issue, but he has also started to tidy up the wiring and make it safe.

The Ducati SS Custom had had the majority of a motogadget system already fitted with motogadget dash, indicators and switches fitted as well. Our customer purchased the Ducati as an unfinished project. Therefore, Daniel has set about wiring up the headlight, tidying and finishing the motogadget wiring, fitting and bleeding the brake and clutch cables and generally finishing the bike off before it moves on again.

For more information about the motogadget system, check out our website https://monomotorcycles.co.uk/motogadget/

Also on Thursday we also welcomed one of our regular customers Yamaha Tracer 9 GT for a new rear tyre. Remember we have access to the largest selection of tyres in the UK and can source most makes and models within 24 hours.

We also have welcomed 2 scooters to the workshop. The Honda SH300 joined us for a rear tyre and has now booked in for a Full Service in February.

The Peugeot SF4 Sportline joined us for servicing and arranging an MOT. During the service it was noted that the rear tyre was worn beyond the legal limit and would have failed the MOT. Having contacted the customer, he has authorised the purchase of a new one.


On Friday we welcomed a lovely example of the Honda VFR 800. The VFR joined us for interim servicing, assessment of the spongey front brakes and to check the coolant levels.

Unfortunately, at receipt the customer advised that the bike had been knocked over the previous evening while under its cover and sustained damage to the fairing and the brake lever. As the panels are all original this is not going to be an easy fix as not only will the panel need to be physically repaired, but our expert painter will need to match the paint code and adjust for paint fade, so it matches the rest of the bike.

No, you are not seeing double! We have welcomed two classic Yamaha’s sporting the traditional speedblock Yellow/White/Black livery this week.

The Yamaha XS650 Flat Tracker has joined us for a full rewire (watch this space for updates next week) and the Yamaha FS1E has re-joined us after the clutch decided to give up just after Christmas.


Learners/L-plates basic motorcycle safety and essential maintenance information session.

Join us on Saturday 13th January 2024 for a morning of essential motorcycle safety and basic maintenance.

The session will be 1 ½ hours + a 15-minute break + Q&A time and will cover the essentials of motorcycle safety and identify basic motorcycle maintenance needs.

The session is aimed at learner riders, those on L plates and those who are new to biking.

We will cover areas such as: Checking tyre pressures, tyre tread/depth and legal requirements, greasing the chain, checking the chain/sprockets, checking brakes, how to check oil levels, coolant levels (if appropriate), checking fork seals for leaks/fork stanchions for marks or rust, how to charge the battery, checking headstock bearings for play/notching, MOT expectations, etc

Note: We will not be teaching you how to service/repair your own motorcycle. This session is an information session only.

Learners/L-plates Basic Motorcycle Safety and Essential Maintenance information session.

Breakfast Club 2024.

Breakfast Club is back in 2024 with brand new caterer Cattle Box Kitchen (CBK) on board.
CBK are based in Funtington village and only use the finest local ingredients in their breakfast muffin range.
Join us in 2024 for delicious breakfast’s, chat with us about motorcycle service and repair, catch up with friends or drop in for a pit-stop.
We look forward to welcoming you to the mono motorcycles breakfast club 2024.

Breakfast Club 28th April 2024

For all your motorcycling needs contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 contact us through our contact page or email us at info@monomotorcycles.co.uk