Wiring, servicing, repairs and great news about our future plans at mono motorcycles


This week we have been primarily focusing on one of our full re-wire’s. In  between the wiring work we have welcomed a variety of other motorcycles. We are also sharing some exciting news about our future plans here at mono motorcycles.


Investing in people.

mono motorcycles are always investing in our knowledge base and inhouse training. On Monday Daniel drew a wiring diagram for Oaklie to follow for the Honda Transalp. The wiring diagram was for the spotlights, spotlight relay circuit and for heated grips. Daniel always checks in on Oaklie periodically to ensure he is OK and if Oaklie has a question, he always asks.  100% team work at mono motorcycles.

Variety is the spice of life.

Another varied week here at the mono motorcycles workshop.

On Tuesday morning we welcomed a Kawasaki GPZ 500S to the workshop to be restricted for the bike’s new owner.

Next up a Monkey Bike for presales checks. Another great sale for DJK Motorcycles Ltd

Next up we welcomed a Royal Enfield Bullet. The Bullet had been sat for an extensive period of time, but then stripped and rebuilt by the current owner. Despite the bike having sort of run before the strip down, after the customer rebuild the bike then had no compression.

The Bullet has now rested up a couple more years and the customer has now got the momentum to get the bike back up and running and back on the road.

Our job is to skim the head and assess to see if it needs new pistons and a rebore. Once we have a stable engine, we will then tidy up the electrics and get the Bullet back on the road.

On Friday we welcomed a very tidy Suzuki SV650 for a Givi rack fitting.

Yamaha YZF125.

The YZF joined us a couple of days before Christmas 2023 as a cut out non start. When the bike arrived, we cleared about a dozen fault codes through TEXA and the bike started and ran. We couldn’t replicate the fault while it was here. However, what we did find was the following list of faults with the bike:

1/ Engine oil over filled.

2/ No indicators, only one fitted.

3/ Headstock bearing worn to excess. MOT fail.

4/ Tyres worn. Possible MOT fail.

5/ Chain and sprockets need replacing.

6/ Battery weak. Low cranking amps.

7/ Side stand switch doesn’t work.

8/ Brake lever broken.

9/ Overdue Major Service by 4000 miles.

10/ Gearbox is whining.

The bike was taken away by the customer and broke down again. At this point we agreed to take the bike back in, but as we were literally going on our Christmas break, we would not have been able to look at it until early January 2024.

When Daniel took another look at the bike, it was suspected that the crank shaft sensor had failed. During his fault-finding exercise he also found the clip off the back of the ECU had been snapped off, an injector had been taped on, the engine oil is black and when he removed the stator casing the cranks sensor wiring had been glued on!

All of the above has led Daniel to believe that this is not the first time the YZF has had a fault and someone else had been chasing it before the bike arrived with us and most certainly before the current owner took ownership of the bike.

What alarms us more is that the YZF has only been on the road for approximately three months with the current owner. The list of advisories above are signs of long-term neglect much longer than the current owner has owned the bike.

Now the crank sensor has been repaired, the fuel pump has failed! This one is ongoing.

Yamaha XS650 Tracker – full re-wire.

Daniel has been tasked with re-wiring the XS with an Axel Joost B-Box (an alternative to an m.unit) The bike was a running bike until a few weeks ago and the customer has since removed most of the electrics in advance of the re-wire.

Daniel will be writing a technical blog covering the processes involved in the re-wire for next week, so we will not go to in depth in this week’s blog.

As part of our motogadget re-wire service, each bespoke wiring loom as its own wiring diagram drawn and presented to the customer at the end of the process. Should the customer or another technician need to work on the bike in the future, the bespoke wiring is then easy to work with.

If you are interested in the motogadget re-wire service we provide, please do contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us at info@monomotorcycles.co.uk


As we head into 2024 mono motorcycles are taking the next step in our evolution as we seek another motorcycle technician and we have secured premises to open our own MOT testing centre.

The MOT testing centre will give mono motorcycles the opportunity to become a one stop shop for all motorcyclist’s service, repair, wiring and MOT needs all under one roof.

Being able to offer these facilities to the local biking community and to improve our customer care further is a focus for us as we go forward.

However, establishing an MOT testing centre comes at a cost with the MOT testing equipment alone costing £10,000 and an additional £10,000 to cover training, legal fees, etc, etc.

We are able to raise some of the funds ourselves, but we are not in a position to do it all.

Therefore, we are reaching out the biking community and beyond to ask for donations to support our plans to install the MOT testing centre and be able to offer our customers a one stop for all their motorcycling needs.

We are looking for collective donations of £10,000 to cover the MOT testing equipment. Unfortunately, as we are starting a new testing station, we must use all new equipment by law.

All donations would be enormously appreciated, and we would both be so very grateful for any support which you can afford. Every single penny would help us to achieve our goal and support our community further.

Thank You

All the best

Daniel and Katy




Are you an experienced and skilled Motorcycle Technician looking for your next challenge? Do you thrive in a varied workshop where no two weeks are the same? Do you have a passion for motorcycles and the motorcycling lifestyle? Do you have excellent communication skills? Then we’d like to hear from you.

Please find a full job description either at BikeJobs Motorcycle Recruitment or on our website.

BikeJobs https://www.bikejobs.co.uk/…/d65037e14647e8d3ca0f5437bb…

mono motorcycles website https://monomotorcycles.co.uk/recruitment/

T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446

E: info@monomotorcycles.co.uk




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What an incredible recommendation from Clive. We are so grateful for his observations and appreciate his support of mono motorcycles.

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