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What a week! Full on & to the max this week at the mono motorcycles workshop. Here’s a snapshot of what we have been up to.


On Monday we welcomed our latest motogadget install, a beautifully customised Honda CB550. The CB550 had already been extensively modified with a fully rebuilt engine, modified frame & a brand new bank of Keihin CR Special racing carburettors.

Our customer had already wired up the handlebars & commented upon arrival that he had “saved us three hours” which is a realistic time to undertake the handlebar wiring.

Our customer suggested using a 4 cell antigravity battery to give us a bit more room. However, that meant we needed to drop the battery box down by a couple of millimetres. To do this we have mounted the battery box from underneath, shortened the rear panel as it was a bit too long, then bolted the battery box to the rear plate so it can still be removed if needed.


Up on the ramp today we welcomed an eye-popping yellow Suzuki GSXR 600, another great sale from DJK Motorcycles

The Suzuki joined us for Servicing & Safety Checks before joining it’s new owner.


It was certainly a warm one in the workshop today!

We welcomed a Triumph Street Triple R in for a service, Honda Blackbird in for servicing & safety checks for DJK Motorcycles & more fabrication on the Honda CB550 Custom


Staff development day at mono motorcycles. To continue to improve our customer service & to ensure we are all up to date with the latest technologies; Daniel ran a CPD session on better battery care & testing charge rates, an even more robust Service procedure & the latest updates with the TEXA Diagnostic.

We also celebrated “World EV Day” today with our electric Honda eCub conversions. Having now got our trademark for ‘mono elekTrik’ TM, we are looking forward to developing some motorcycle EV conversions over the winter, with a view to offering this as a service alongside all of the other products we offer.


Friday was all hands to the pump!

Nathan started the strip down of the Kawasaki GT550 engine to find out why it had no compression.

With Daniel having checked the valve clearances & found them all tight; the head was then removed. All of the head bolts were found to be loose, which didn’t bode well. One the head was removed, it was found that the piston rings had failed, hence why the GT had no compression.

We now need to work with our customer to find out how he wishes to proceed.

Daniel was using the latest TEXA technologies & TPS software to re-programme a rear wheel sensor on a BMW R1200R.

Despite us having fitted numerous wheel sensors before & using the TEXA Diagnostic to programme them; the BMW one refused to speak to the TEXA. We then found out that to programme the BMW sensors, you need a special diagnostic tool which costs £450!

Therefore, having spoken to our TEXA guru at Larssons UK, he advised that because they were mindful of the cost implications of the necessary tool for independent businesses; they had started a programme to hire out the sensor programming diagnostic to reduce unnecessary costs.

Once the diagnostic arrived, the sensor was programmed & once out on road test; it re-appeared on the dash, giving the rider that reassurance they rely on.

Gary & Daniel set to task to continue the development of the Honda CB550 motogadget install.

With the bespoke battery tray having been lowered a few millimetres to allow enough clearance for the 4 cell antigravity battery; the m.unit has now been fitted in place & the task of extending the wiring from the front to the rear of the CB550 has now begun.

Suicide Prevention Day Friday September 10th 2021

Our hearts are with anyone who has been affected by suicide. If you are struggling with your mental health, please reach out to someone, a friend, a family member or an organisation. Please don’t struggle in silence.

Samaritans: Call 116 123 24/7

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably): Call 0800 58 58 58 5pm – midnight

Breakfast club, Sunday 26th September

Our next Breakfast Club is on Sunday 26th September. Please do join us from 9am – 11am for a delicious breakfast or drop in for a pitstop! We look forward to seeing you.

Charity Christmas Quiz in aid of SERV

We are so pleased that our fabulous Christmas Quiz returns this on Friday 3rd December at The Pallant Centre, Havant. Tickets will be released soon & we hope to see as many of you as we can, to make this evening a fantastic event!

As always, for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 /07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.