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The sun has shone all week & the mono motorcycles workshop has been a hive of activity!

Monday 19.04.2021

On Monday, Nathan & Daniel completed the Kawasaki ZX6R with new brake pads & K&N filter.

Gary began overhauling the Suzuki TL100 front brakes & assessing a minor oil leak. The oil leak transpired to be the two crush washers from the oil cooler not gaining purchase. Once these had been replaced, the oil leak stopped.

Nathan is gaining confidence in everything he does & taking more of a leading role in servicing (supervised by Daniel) Today Nathan completed a Service & Battery change on a Suzuki Van Van.

Tuesday 20.04.2021

On Tuesday Gary got to grips with the Triumph Tiger 1200 XRT. The Tiger was with us for an Annual Service, changing the drive shaft oil, front & rear brake pads & to assess a quickshifter malfunction.

Upon road test, Daniel & Gary both felt that there was a minor vibration throughout the Triumph. Under a TEXA Diagnostic scan, several fault codes all linked to the rear wheel sensor were detected. The fault codes were deleted. Having identified that there was no physical damage to the bike, it has been agreed to re-book the Tiger for a rear hub bearing replacement.

Also on Tuesday we welcomed a very lovely BMW R1150R Trike to the mono motorcycles workshop today. The BMW having originally been a 2 wheeled bike, was professionally converted by Grinnal Trikes ( some 15 years ago, when the owners personal circumstances changed & he could no longer ride a 2 wheeled machine. The BMW joined us with some wiring issues which Daniel rectified.

Wednesday 21.04.2021

On Wednesday it was a full throttle kind of a day!

We welcomed a Suzuki GSXR100 K8 for fork seals, a Honda Hornet for tyres & Servicing, a Vespa GTS Supertech for  Servicing &  new battery, the Suzuki Bandit fork seals were completed, a Yamaha YBR125 had a new Battery fitted, the Triumph Tiger XRT brake pads were fitted & the Triumph Tiger Explorer Major Service was underway!

Thursday 22.04.2021

Daniel began the Major Service on the Triumph Explorer yesterday. In this case, the valve clearances were found to be too tight & therefore the Explorer need re-shimming.

Leaving tight valve clearances unattended can ultimately cause an engine to missfire & it can cause the valve seals to burn out (this is in extreme circumstances)

Daniels expertise is called into play here with his understanding of the calculations necessary to ensure the engine is shimmed & timed up correctly. Not everyone is as comfortable undertaking valve clearance checks & replacing shims. However, with Daniel’s 30 years+ worth of experience, he is confident in his work.

Friday 23.04.2021

On Friday we welcomed a Honda CBF600 to the mono motorcycles workshop. We had been asked to replace the fork seals. Our customer advised that the fork seals had been replaced a few times by another establishment, but had leaked each time.

Upon inspection the fork seals were leaking extensively & when the fork oil was drained from the stanchions, it was, (as can be seen), black & full of metal filings. This proves that the fork oil at least has not been replaced for some considerable time.

We only fit genuine fork seals on any motorcycle, as we have found that pattern seals do not create an adequate seal.

In this case, the fork stanchions are starting to show signs of wear (where the chrome begins to thin due to age) We have advised our customer of this.

We also welcomed a Honda CBR to the mono motorcycles workshop. Although the customer had asked us to check the shims, the bike was not within its valve check window, so further investigation was needed.

Daniel having taken the CBR for a test ride, observed that it was one of the smoothest & most quiet CBR’s he had ever ridden. Under investigation, the slight rattle the customer may have heard turned out to be some of the bolts on the exhaust not having been quite torqued enough. Our customer asked us to complete an oil & filter for him, s he was not having the shims completed.

As a policy, if a motorcycle does not need extensive works undertaking due to perhaps misinformation, we would not undertake it for the sake of doing so. We are always 100% transparent with our customers & remain in communication through the entire procedure.

As we have reported in our social media streams, we are currently very busy & are currently booking from the third week in June. If you are considering getting you motorcycle serviced & or have any repairs which need undertaking; please do contact us in good time, to enable us to book you in appropriately.

As you may have seen, we are starting to promote our first Breakfast Club of 21021. After a year of not being able to have them, we are pleased to be able to cautiously & with some restrictions; resume our ever popular event.

As always, for all your motorcycling needs , please do contact Daniel or Katy on T 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.